Touching Base

Well, it has been a few weeks since I last posted.  A few family functions, school winding down, and trying to keep the kids busy during these hot summer days is not an easy task!  Luckily no colds or flus to report – except for the odd allergic reactions and runny noses.

The one thing I need to stress here, is that our longstanding family remedy for colds and flus is also perfect to help with allergy symptoms that mimic the colds and flus.  Stuffy noses don’t just show up during those winter months, they also rear their ugly head during allergy season.

So, with the trouble that the pollen trees/flowers bring to my little one, I apply the PRABA Natural Cold and Flu Remedy Neck Wrap during those stuffy nose periods and voila! The symptoms are relieved.

Until next time! Keep safe and healthy for the summer!

And so it begins….

I can’t believe that our little idea for a business is going to be put into action.  Its been an eventful path to where we are at now, which is the start of this family business – which began with a little home-made remedy for colds, flus, and all of the pesky minions that come with them.

If you read the “About Us” section of our website, it will catch you up about how this little idea came along.  The natural remedy has been in my family for over 70 years and has been used on at least 5 generations back that we can account for.  The remedy was introduced to myself by the namesake of this company; Prabha, my mother-in-law.

When I had a baby, and when someone decided to pass on their dirty little germs to my little sweet angel (why don’t people just stay away from babies when they are sick anyway?!?!) – my mother-in-law (who I will refer to as mom) stepped in and introduced this product to me to help the baby get relief from the struggle to breathe.

“You want me to what?” as my partner explained that this remedy was a neck wrap to TIE AROUND MY BABY’S NECK.  Ummmmm hmmmm. No was the first thing that came to my mind and I unfortunately forgo the idea of this natural neck wrap remedy.

Fast forward to the next time my little bundle caught something and became stuffy.  For a few days, I stayed up with him, trying to soothe him, make him comfortable, rub the sticky goo on his chest and feet, and sleep in a damp room with the clammy sheets resulting from the humidifier –all in hopes to allow my baby to get through those few stuffy days of the cold and flu.

So, in desperation and no doubt, exhaustion, I accepted the natural remedy neck wrap that my mom offered up again.

I cannot express how thankful I was to see my little one being able to breathe, which let him sleep, and get well again.  I could not believe the instant effect that this old family remedy had on his symptoms.  That little boy is now almost 4 and it is the first thing I run to when his nose gets stuffy.

When I finally researched how to get this to other natural remedy mongers (and parents especially since there are limited courses of action we can take other than shoving medicine down their reluctant throats), I applied for a legal license from the regulatory body, Health Canada.  With their rigid process of scrutiny, research, and safety concerns to pass, this product went through a 180 day assessment process in order to ensure the safety of people using this product.  I am happy to say that we do have approval and a Natural Product Number from them, listed on each box.  We are currently in the assessment process for the children’s remedy.  With respect to children, the guidelines and products are much more strict to put on the market.

So, there’s our short story on how this product has come to light.  We hope your family benefits from this old recipe some woman came up with back many years ago when there were no chemicals to turn to.  And the next time you hear someone say “You want me to tie what around his neck?”, just know, the founder of this product said the same thing before creating the company…


Til next time!